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Botella Ao Mar

This exhibit uses the same glass that the painter LUIS SEOANE en su BOTELLA AL MAR, the editorial created by him during his exile in Buenos Aires. It is the same recipient, another message, or maybe it is the same?

BOTELLA AO MAR, an exhibit organized by the Asociación Galega de Artistas Visuais, and the Unión de Artistas Visuales de España, in the Casa das Artes de Vigo (10th April-1st of May), and in the Auditorio de Santiago de Compostela (7-18th of May) in 2003. In which more than (350) three hundred and fifty creations donated by artists of all Spain are present, and more than thirty writers that also became involved in the exhibit, are more examples of the commitment of the artists and intellectuals with the future of our country. Every involvement that made this exhibit possible is much appreciated.

Manuel Quintana Martelo, President of AGAV. (Translated)

Works published in Botella Ao Mar: Ventana ó Mar

traditional galician paintings


The name Raíces (Roots) integrates female points of view, women that understand art as collaboration, union and a meeting place. This word involves bonds and commitment, establishes a feeling of base and deep, it's germ of life and beginning; it's also recognition of earth to it's roots. It's past and future.

They are the artists that, from painting to sculpting, want to create this mutual poethic ground. They welcome us to ways of feeling, ways of arriving through artistic expression to the people and the lands, to emotions and the world.

From the Xunta de Galicia we are pleased to support initiatives such as this, to walk another step forward in this mutual journey that is the promotion and spreading of the arts, abd we thank the prestigious institution Xuventud de Galicia-Centro Galego de Lisboa their persevering efforts and real will it proves, by strengthening once again the ties that undeniably join us.

Manuel Fraga Iribarne, President of the Xunta de Galicia. (Translated)

Works published in Raices: El Gran Castaño Viejo, Farol sevillano

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