artist oil and acrilic paiting

Teresa Albarrán was born in Seville, where she was first taught by sevillian artists Jose Albarrán and Elena Campanario, and later studied Applied Arts. Since she was a child she grew accostumed to seeing some of the best paintings of the Sevillian artists in her uncle's restoration workshop; it's not surprising her paintings are greatly influenced by the genious artists of her homeland. Years later she would be witness to the best creations of the great Valencian artists, such as Sorolla, Pinazo, or Gonzalez Diaz, who greatly influenced her later creations, merging with her previous Sevilian heritage.

She resides in A Coruña since 1994, and has been dedicating her time to the study of painters and sculptors of all schools and periods. She also perfected her oil painting style in Karmele Sarasola's painting study, associated to the City Council of A Coruña.

In the Pablo Picasso Art School she coursed studies in artistic ceramics, wood carving, emptying and sculpting.

In the Fine Arts Museum of A Coruña, she studied engraving and serigraphy under Anne Heyvaert.

She was an art teacher in Matogrande, A Coruña and nowadays she paints on commision, and is specialized in portraits, landscapes and still life, with various techniques.

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